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What is your dead pixel policy?
Posted by MySN UK on 12 July 2012 10:46 PM
During the Quality Control phase of production, the LCD panel of every XMG and Schenker product is checked for pixel issues. This means that the chances of receiving a laptop with lit/dead or stuck pixels is extremely low. Once your laptop has been delivered, you can contact us any time within 14 business days to notify us of any pixel issues - we will be happy to replace the panel completely free of charge under warranty. After the first 14 business days, our standard pixel warranty applies which is detailed below.

Pixel errors generally occur at the LCD panel production level however they can also appear over time. A 15.6" display with a resolution of 1920x1080 for example includes 2.07 million pixels and 6.22 million sub pixels. With such a huge number, it is possible that in spite of the highest quality standards, one or more individual cells are not perfect and are permanently on or off. The results are then permanently lit or permanently black pixel on the screen.

The ISO standard 13406-2 lays down quality classes in this regard and thereby ensuring transparency with respect to warranty claims from customers, dealers and wholesalers to the manufacturers. The pixel fault classes are showin in the following table - in the number of defective pixels and the specific type of error. The pixel number of errors is defined in each case per 1 million pixels.

We distinguish the following three types of errors:
- Error type 1: constantly bright pixels
- Type 2 errors: always black pixels
- Error type 3: defect subpixel, either constantly bright (red, green, blue) or permanently black

The ISO error classes are defined as follows:

Error Class
Max. No Type 1 Max. No Type 2 Max. No Type 3
I 0 0 0
II 2 2 5
III 5 15 50
IV 50 150 500

All of Schenker notebooks notebooks sold are Class II, unless otherwise indicated.

Should there be more than the maximum permissible error pixels on your display, please contact us by mail at with the number and type of defective pixels.
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