Which laptops have integrated graphics processors and which have discrete ones?
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Firstly what is the difference between integrated or discrete graphics processor (GPU)?

An integrated GPU is soldered directly onto the motherboard.  This is much better for thinner chassis as they take up less room, but it means that you can not upgrade your GPU in the future.  A discrete (MXM - Mobile PCI Express Module) GPU is a card that houses the GPU that slots into the motherboard (similar to a desktop PC) - this is larger, and requires a larder cooling system, but there is the possability of upgrading your GPU in the future (upgrades currently unavailable - 01/05/2015).


At the moment all of our laptops use wither NVIDIA GTX 8XX or 9XX series GPUS, with the exception of the Work series, which can also be configured with NVIDIA Quadro GPUs.


Below is a list of all of the current available Schenker/XMG laptops with GPUs:

Integrated GPUs:

  • Advanced:
A305 - 960M

A504 - 860M

 A505 - 960M

A705 - 960M
  • Core:
   C405 - 965M, or 970M

C505 - 965M, 970M, or 980M

C404 - 860M

C504 - 860 or 870M

  • Pro:

P505 - 965M, 970M, or 980M

P705 - 965M, 970M, or 980M

P304 - 860M

  • Media:

M504 - 850M

M704 - 850M

Discrete GPUs:

  • Pro:

P504 - 880M, 970M, or 980M

P704 - 870M, 880M, 970M, or 980M

P724 - 980M, 880M SLI, or 980M SLI - SLI is where the system has two GPUs working together for more power.

  • Ultra:

U505 - 965M, 970M, or 980M

U705 - 965M, 970M, or 980M

  • Work:

W504 - 880M, 970M, 980M, Quadro K1100M, or Quadro K3100M

W704 - 880M, 970M, 980M, Quadro K1100M, or Quadro K3100M

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