1. Definitions
"You the customer" a person or company buying or using Schenker Technologies UK Ltd products.
"Business Customer" a company with a network.
"Consumer" a private person buying Products for private use.
"Schenker Technologies UK" (us, our) the Product vendor as identified on your invoice and, where relevant, Service Provider.
"Integrated Customer Specified Software" (ICSS) 3rd party software or customer downloads installed by Schenker Technologies UK.
"Factory Integrated Components" (FIC) Integrated 3rd party components installed by Schenker Technologies UK.
"Order Confirmation" acknowledgement of Product ordered by you, sent by Schenker Technologies UK.
"Price" stated in Order Confirmation.
"Product" as described in Order Confirmation, may include 3rd Party Products and Service Offerings.
"Service Offering" as described in Order Confirmation and Schenker Technologies UK service description document.
"Service Provider" Schenker Technologies UK or its authorised service experts.
"3rd Party Products" stated in Order Confirmation, not branded or manufactured by Schenker Technologies UK.
"Software" computer operating systems or applications.

2. Application
This Agreement applies to this sale, service and all statements made by Schenker Technologies UK in brochures, price lists, adverts, quotations, on the internet or verbally. Variations to this Agreement must be made by Schenker Technologies UK in writing. Any other Terms, Conditions or Purchase Orders are excluded. Placing your order means acceptance of this Agreement. Schenker Technologies UK may change this Agreement at its choosing.

3. Orders/ Contract
Orders are accepted by writing, internet, telephone or fax but are only binding when accepted by Schenker Technologies UK and Schenker Technologies UK sends out the Order Confirmation in writing. Please check the Order Confirmation and notify Schenker Technologies UK of any mistake in writing immediately or the details stated in the Order Confirmation will apply to this Agreement.

4. Price & Payment Terms
1. Quotations are only valid in writing and during the period that they state. If unstated, the quotation is valid only on the day it is provided. Schenker Technologies UK reserves the right to change Products (incl. 3rd Party Products) at any time but Schenker Technologies UK guarantees you at least equivalent functionality and performance. Included taxes, shipment charges etc will be shown in the quotation. Exchange rates, duties, insurance, freight and purchase costs (incl. for components & services) may cause Schenker Technologies UK to adjust prices.
2. Accepted payment methods are either by Credit / Debit card via SagePay or bank transfer. Currencies accepted are GBP and EURO.
3. For further information regarding shipping costs and shipping to other countries please refer to the 'my cart' page of the website, viewable once a product has been added to a shopping cart. Exact costs and shipping methods will be shown to the customer prior to a total price being displayed.

5. Delivery/Title/Risk
1. For orders where all parts are in stock the estimated delivery time is 6-8 working days. In case of potential delivery delays, you will be informed immediately. Delivery by instalments may be made. The place of delivery is stated in the Order Confirmation. Delivery will be conducted during business days by a carrier/ cargo service to be assigned by us. In case of delivery delays which we are responsible for, the period of grace to be set by the buyer shall be two weeks. This period of grace shall start with its receipt at our office.
2. Title to Product passes on full payment and until then you must store our goods separately and you may not modify, pledge or sell them. Schenker Technologies UK may enter the storage premises to repossess the goods. Should you sell them before title passes, you will become Schenker Technologies UK's agent and the proceeds of that sale shall be held on our behalf, separately from your general funds. Schenker Technologies UK may sue for the Price before title passes. If you refuse delivery without Schenker Technologies UK's agreement, you must pay Schenker Technologies UK's expenses or loss resulting from that refusal, including storage costs, until you accept delivery.
3. If goods are delivered with obvious damages of packaging or content, please complain to the carrier immediately, decline to accept the delivery, if required, and contact us a quickly as possible, so that we are able to assert our rights to the carrier. Please contact us if you detect hidden defects so that we can contact our suppliers. This shall not affect your warranty rights.

6. Acceptance
When you receive Product you must inspect it promptly and within any reasonable period for inspection or rejection, if any. After this period, you will have accepted Product. If Schenker Technologies UK agrees to the return of the Product at its choosing, it must be in its original condition with packaging, with an Schenker Technologies UK issued returns number and proof of purchase; the return costs may also be payable by you.

7. Right To Cancel
You have the right to withdraw from the contract in writing (by letter or e-mail) without giving reasons, within 14 working days of delivery of the product (in case of recurrent delivery of similar goods, not before the receipt of the first partial delivery).

Send the notice of cancellation to:
Schenker Technologies UK Ltd, Walter-Köhn-Straße 2C, 04356, Leipzig, Germany.
Or E-Mail: info@mysn.co.uk

Sample Cancellation Form
(If you wish to cancel the contract, please fill in this form and return it.) -
To: Schenker Technologies UK Ltd, Schenker Technologies UK Ltd, Walter-Köhn-Straße 2C, 04356, Leipzig, Germany
Or E-Mail: info@mysn.co.uk -

I/we (*) herewith revoke the contract I/we concluded (*) on the purchase of the following goods (*)/the delivery of the following services (*). -

Date of order (*)/Date of receipt (*) -
Name of consumer(s) -
Signature of consumer(s) (only if sent on paper) -

Date ______________
(*) Delete where inapplicable.

The cost of returning the goods, under the right to cancel will be borne by the customer. Goods should be returned at the earliest opportunity, within a maximum time period of 21 working days from cancellation.

If you cancel the contract, we must refund all payments received from you, including the delivery cost (with the exception of additional cost resulting from your choice of an upgrade beyond the lowest priced standard type of delivery), within 14 days of you returning the goods (or providing proof of postage.). For such a refund, we will use the same means of payment that you used for the original transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise. We will in no event charge you any fees for the refund.

If a cancellation request is made, the customer has a statutory duty to take reasonble care of the goods.

8. Warranty
Schenker Technologies UK guarantees to you that Product (excl. 3rd Party Products) will be free from defects for 24 months from delivery and spare parts for 365 days from installation. Should Product be defective within this period, Schenker Technologies UK will repair or replace Product within a reasonable time. You must allow Schenker Technologies UK to examine Product at your or Schenker Technologies UK's premises (at our choosing). Schenker Technologies UK owns any replaced Product or parts. All reasonable care and endeavour shall be used to resolve problems within a realistic period in the circumstances. Schenker Technologies UK manufactures and repairs using components, which are new or equivalent to new in accordance with industry standards and practice.

Batteries and power supplies are considered consumer wearout parts and are limited to 6months warranty.

From the 1st June 2013, shipping costs are only covered under the collect and return warranty for customers in the UK, ROI, Channel Islands, Malta and Cyprus.

Schenker Technologies UK does not give a warranty or guarantee protection for:

1. damage caused by incorrect installation, use, modifications or repair by any unauthorised 3rd party or yourself;
2. damage caused by any party or other external force;
3. fitness for any particular purpose;
4. 3rd Party Products, ICSS and FIC specified by you. You will receive the warranty for these products directly from their manufacturer or licensor.
5. any instruction given by you and correctly performed by Schenker Technologies UK.

If the warranty period is extended beyond 24 months the above applies to this extended period.

9. Services
Services will be provided by Schenker Technologies UK or Service Provider. Response times are estimates and may vary according to the remoteness or accessibility of Product location. Service may be provided via telephone or internet where appropriate. If agreed and stated in Order Confirmation, Service Offering may include advice, asset tagging, installation, integration, disposal, training and/or consultancy.

Unless stated in Order Confirmation, the following are excluded from Service: items excluded from Warranty, changes to configuration, relocation, preventative maintenance, consumables, diskettes, unnecessary work in Schenker Technologies UK's assessment, electrical environment, transfer of data or Software, viruses. 3rd Party Products will be repaired according to manufacturer or licensor warranty. Parts not critical to Product function (eg: hinges, doors, cosmetic features, frames) may not be serviced within Service Offering time period.

10. Integrated Customer Specified Software (ICSS)

You will specify and provide ICSS or Schenker Technologies UK may obtain ICSS at your instruction. Schenker Technologies UK will indicate acceptance and/or validation of ICSS, then will integrate ICSS into Product, producing an ICSS Product. Schenker Technologies UK may install ICSS Product under your instruction or under Schenker Technologies UK technical advice, if agreed. Schenker Technologies UK will not carry out ICSS work if it is not technically feasible in our view.

11. Factory Integrated Components (FIC)
You will specify and provide FIC or Schenker Technologies UK may obtain FIC at your instruction. Schenker Technologies UK will indicate acceptance and/or validation of FIC, then will integrate FIC into Product, producing a FIC Product. Schenker Technologies UK may install FIC Product under your instruction or under Schenker Technologies UK technical advice, if agreed. Schenker Technologies UK will not carry out FIC work if it is not technically feasible in our view.

12. Liability
Schenker Technologies UK does not accept liability for:
1) indirect or consequential loss,
2) loss of business profits, salary, revenue, savings,
3) damage remedied by Schenker Technologies UK within reasonable time,
4) loss avoidable by you through reasonable conduct, including backing up all data and following Schenker Technologies UK’s reasonable advice generally,
5) all items excluded from the Warranty by Force Majeure

13. Intellectual Property
You indemnify Schenker Technologies UK for any of ICSS or FIC specified or owned by you and integrated into Product. Schenker Technologies UK is allowed to litigate, negotiate and settle claims and you must assist us at our expense (except where ICSS or FIC owned by you is allegedly infringing) when litigation is directly related to your Product. Schenker Technologies UK retains all Schenker Technologies UK-owned ICSS or FIC in Product. You must notify Schenker Technologies UK immediately or any infringing or unauthorised use of Product or ICSS or FIC in it.

14. Software
Software not owned by Schenker Technologies UK is supplied subject to licence and warranty of the Software licensor. Schenker Technologies UK enclosed the Software licence that you require with the Product where necessary; you must comply with that licence.

15. Force Majeure
Schenker Technologies UK is not liable for delays in performance (incl. delivery or service) caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control and will be entitled to a time extension for performance; examples include strikes, supplier/transport/production problems, exchange fluctuations, governmental or regulatory action and natural disasters. If this lasts more than 2 months, this Agreement may be terminated by either party without compensation.

16. Confidentiality
Each party must treat all information received from the other marked “confidential” or reasonably obvious to be confidential as it would treat its own confidential information.

17. Termination
Schenker Technologies UK may terminate this Agreement with written notice if you: 1) fail to pay on time and within 14 days of written notice, 2) breach or Schenker Technologies UK suspects you have breached export control laws. Either party may terminate if the other 1) commits a material or persistent breach of this Agreement and fails to remedy this within 30 days or written notice from the other; or 2) becomes insolvent or is unable to pay debts as they fall due. Schenker Technologies UK reserve the right to charge for any components, engineer’s time and related costs due to order cancellation.

18. Your obligations as a Customer
You are responsible for;

a) your own choice of Product and its suitability for purpose;
b) your telephone & postal charges in contacting Schenker Technologies UK, if any;
c) any ICSS or FIC specifications & instructions given by you;
d) all ICSS or FIC, its performance, licences, authorisations and any unused ICSS or FIC.

You must provide Schenker Technologies UK with all reasonable courtesy, information, cooperation, facilities and access to enable Schenker Technologies UK to perform duties, failing which Schenker Technologies UK shall not be obliged to perform any service or assistance. You are responsible for the removal of non Schenker Technologies UK-supplied products during service, the back up and confidentiality of all data in Product and all of your legal and regulatory requirements.

19. Data Protection
Your data will be held and /or transferred in strict accordance with the applicable data protection laws and Schenker Technologies UK’s data protection registration and you consent to this. You may instruct Schenker Technologies UK not to use your data for direct marketing purposes.

The Schenker Technologies UK website utilises cookies to ensure full functionaility and to maximise viewing experience. Cookie information is covered in the Schenker Technologies UK Privacy & Cookies policy.

20. Consumer Rights
Any statutory Consumer rights are unaffected by this Agreement.

21. Jurisdiction
English law and the exclusive court jurisdiction of the English courts will apply to this Agreement. The Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded.

22. Miscellaneous
If any part of the Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court, the rest is unaffected. Schenker Technologies UK may subcontract its obligations to a competent third party. Otherwise, neither party may assign or transfer any obligations or rights. All notices must be in writing (by hand, email, fax or 1st class post deemed delivered 48 hours after posting) and sent to a legal officer of either party.

23. You can find all Schenker Technologies UK policies and notices via http://www.mySN.co.uk and you should refer to this site for any further updates.

24. In case of disputes between consumers and online sellers, there is the option of extrajudicial settlement available. The European Union (EU) provides consumers with an internet platform for this purpose to settle disputes online (so-called “ODR platform”). Use the following link to get to the ODR platform: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ In case of disputes, you may also contact our support team by sending an e-mail to: info@mysn.co.uk.
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